What we do

Are we going to be okay

  1. Discover: Firstly, we listen. This part of the process involves getting to know you, understanding your life and your dreams.
  2. Clarity: After we have all your financial information, we crunch the numbers and work on creating your financial plan. This plan will also include personal milestones for you. Our aim is to simplify a complicated process and bring clarity to your current and future financial situation.
  3. Empower: This is your Financial Plan. We discover if have you enough money to live the life you want when you take a step back or if not, we discuss what actions you need to take now to get you there.

What we don’t do

We do not:

  1. Claim to know when the market will peak or recover.
  2. Know when it is an appropriate time to enter the stock market or leave it. We believe that the only thing that matters is time in the market.
  3. Particularly enjoy talking about Financial Products, they are just tools in the bag we use if necessary to help your plan.