Navigating your Financial Future

Navigating your Financial Future

Welcome to Power Wealth Advisors

“Are we going to be okay?  If we work hard for the next 10 years will we be financially independent?”

Questions like these we can answer.
Real financial planning changes people’s lives. We want clients to feel confident about their financial future.

We discover all about your life, bring clarity to your financial situation and empower you to take action if necessary to achieve the lifestyle you want now and in the future.

Nigel Power QFA RPA

Financial Planner

What we do


This part of the process involves getting to know you, understanding your life and your dreams.


After we have all your financial information, we work on creating your financial plan.
Our aim is to simplify a complicated process and bring clarity to your current and future financial situation.


This is your financial plan. We discuss actions you can take if necessary to achieve your desired lifestyle.

We use the best technology

We use one of the best financial analysis software tools to give our clients the most clear and concise picture of their finances. These tools are essential for planning and forecasting.